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Yo shout out to my toilet for taking a lot of shit

I just packed my entire life into a suitcase, and I am getting on the plane tomorrow morning. A part of me is well sad to be leaving home, but at the same time I know these fleeting moments of nostalgic sadness will be completely outweighed when I start my life in New York City. Cheers to Sydney - I’ll be back to see you some day soon.

New York Living Goals:

• Be photographed by The Sartorialist

• Subsume The Sartorialist’s powers

• Become The Sartorialist

I fall into the 1% of males who can’t eat burgers every day without gaining weight.

Things that piss me off about modern art example 1:

A CRT television with black and white digital static noise playing on it is sitting on a tiny wooden stool, in the corner of an empty gallery room, with a bowl on top of it filled with yellow buttons. A plaque on the wall calls it “art” and tries to justify it to Art-Wanker-Suckers who ponder it as though there’s any real enlightening meaning to it at all, for which the Art-Wanker-Suckers pretend to understand because they’re in the Modern Art Gallery and everyone else is walking around doing the same thing and they don’t want to look like the peasant who doesn’t “get it”.

I hope Jaden Smith doesn’t become an actual celebrity who gets gigs again like his little introduction of Miley at the AMAs.  No Jaden who are are you Jaden stop repping Fresh Prince Jaden you weren’t even a fetus then Jaden. 

Seeing Kelsey from college tomorrow. Beyond excited. Going to meet her in the city and walk down through the Botanical Gardens to the Opera House, and then to Circular Quay and catch a ferry to the beaches, and go out for lunch and then drive up the coast and show her this ridiculously beautiful part of the world which I seem to take for granted too often. 

more like relationshits

Okay I’m low-key embarrassed to be watching Pitch Perfect right now but I heard it was funny so…  anyway I have a very serious complaint. I thought when they were all being prissy ass girls on the bus singing Party In The USA, and they got to “and the Jay Z song was on!” And they paused…. I thought that surly alt chick would bust a 16 from a classic Jay Z track and she didn’t and I’m pissed about it. 

I hate those people whom just because they’ve taken a few drugs or smoke weed, think they’re so hard and street smart. Don’t get me wrong I think trying different drugs is in some ways experientially healthy for the mind and spirit but don’t be acting like an entitled twat just cos you’re a stoner for fashion. 

Does it annoy you too when people have no creative flair and are just bland representations of bleak abandonment? 

shitty HDR edits annoy me

I feel strong vibes from the pieces of Aztec gold in Pirates of the Caribbean and I think it would be majestic in body ink.

Thinking about tattooing the outside of my forearm. Seriously considering it. I was going to go for the outside of my leg/calf but I think forearm might be better.

Scrolling down the tumblr dashboard in a 300-person college lecture theatre is possibly the most thrilling thing you’ll ever experience in an educational setting - the surprise porn gif possibilities are endless!