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woahduude replied to your chat: Idea for tattoo on forearm: √ check! Balls in my…

What’s your idea?

 I want a Pharaoh with 3 roses at the base. 

Idea for tattoo on forearm: √ check!
Balls in my sack to get tattoo on forearm: -------.

I regularly post random lyrics from songs on here. Sometimes I wonder whether people think what I’m saying is just me being weird or inappropriate.

For example:

Move bitch get out ma way. 

Forearm tattoos. I want one. 

Last night we ordered 6 vodka redbulls. They gave us 6 cans and a bottle of sky blue and left us to it. Is it ironic I don’t remember that?


Was the day before I fly overseas to America on what is likely to be the biggest solo adventure of my life. 
After going to the bank and getting some dolla dolla billz yall, I picked up my visas and headed for Vaucluse. For those who don’t know Vaucluse is an area of Sydney with THE MOST prestigious and expensive addresses in the city.

Leonardo Cap lives there. Bill Gates is holidaying there too.

So anyway - I drove over there for a swim at the beach. It was a really nice way to spend my last day in sunny Sydney.

Tomorrow morning I’m going out to breakfast down by the beach near my house to enjoy my last meal. Grab a few bits and pieces from the mall and then I’m off to Sydney International Airport on a flight to Hawaii.

I’m SO excited but at the same time shitting myself. Not literally.. but pretty much literally shitting myself. 

And so now commences the last night in my own bed until July of 2012. 


To Do List - California.

• Bro-fist the shit out of TIm when I meet him the first time. (that’s not sexual)

• Buy a ridiculously awesome jacket from some awesome shop in San Fran.

• Eat an  ’In n Out’ burger. 

• Eat Twinkies.

• Drink UV Cake vodka.

• Mock Tim-othy’s words like “legit”.

• Avoid saying “candy” instead of “lollies”.

• Take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.

• Stand on the trolley tracks on the hills of SF. 

• Convince Tim’s parents that I’m not a crazy murderer off the internet. 

• Hide my tattoos from Tim’s relatively modest parents.

• Buy a Supreme hat and a SF 49ers hat.

• Cry about Six Flags being closed.

And Christmas day comes to a close. Full of good memories and plenty of cider. :)

Without meaning to sound conceited, I feel like I can only really be friends with people on the same intellectual level as me. 

USA trip flights are booked. January - July 2012. Let’s go!

Bruno Mars is highly gay.