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This Thursday Daily Grace teaches you how to draw a hell big penis on your face using only one red-rocket. 


Was the day before I fly overseas to America on what is likely to be the biggest solo adventure of my life. 
After going to the bank and getting some dolla dolla billz yall, I picked up my visas and headed for Vaucluse. For those who don’t know Vaucluse is an area of Sydney with THE MOST prestigious and expensive addresses in the city.

Leonardo Cap lives there. Bill Gates is holidaying there too.

So anyway - I drove over there for a swim at the beach. It was a really nice way to spend my last day in sunny Sydney.

Tomorrow morning I’m going out to breakfast down by the beach near my house to enjoy my last meal. Grab a few bits and pieces from the mall and then I’m off to Sydney International Airport on a flight to Hawaii.

I’m SO excited but at the same time shitting myself. Not literally.. but pretty much literally shitting myself. 

And so now commences the last night in my own bed until July of 2012. 



I was walking with Amy around Manly Corso and decided impulsively to look in the shoe store. They had sample Vans from next season in my size. Bought them. Sick sky blue with leather laces and blue sole. 


I learned that you just buy air tickets to international countries with your credit card online… Just like you were buying a DVD on eBay.


I impulsively bought these Zanerobe sunglasses.

Showed mother and father and they both looked at me and sought of when “Oh”. “They’re different.” 

Then I went to Amy’s house and we made pendant necklaces with those iron-together hama beads.  I made a sick sugar skull one and a plane and a diamond. They look sick.

Dad saw them and goes “are you seriously going to wear those?”

Yes dad I am. 

^^^ My parent’s think I’m heaps alternative. 

They’ve lived with me for 20 years and still don’t even understand how mainstream and boring I am.


Amy, Maddy and myself all joined the gym.


.. to become less fat. Day 1 of fitnessing starts tomorrow.

Probs got no time to go for the next week but I will manage to fit that in instead of tumblring 24/7

I have a queue set up to start in about 4 hours and I’ll be doing some uni work in the morning. Bye for now x


is the morning after the night of the halloween party.  I feel supremely crusty this morning. I also have to go to work today which sucks. I need to go mop the floorboards.. 


I dropped my iPhone on the tiled bathroom floor…


I love going to the website for the nightclub that you went to the previous weekend to have a look at the event photographs and videos.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Home Nightclub and there’s this video on their website from a couple of weeks ago and there’s some mad ganga just getting her shit on for the camera hahahahahha.

She’s just jumping around like a dickhead dancing like some fucking pop idol backup dancer from a Kylie Minogue concert.. and her top is getting lower and lower. And one of her friends jumps in to the shot, and she dances like a dickhead on purpose as though she’s totally mocking her friend. And then the ganga friend just pushes her away and gets even more roudy hahahahaha. It’s awful.

She probably deleted herself from the world after watching that. 


I had the most annoying day on campus. I swear to God or whoever is up there that one of these days I’m going to literally walk up to whoever is eating loudly at the next table and take their food away from them. And put it on the grass outside.

They can then go grazing for it. 

I also went in to my 8am lecture a couple of mins late, and to avoid disturbing everyone I sat on the back row with some other chick on these random 4 seats right in the middle.. Turns out there was an airconditioner right above those seats blowing on the back of my neck. It was so cold I had fripples. Anway.. long story short - I moved chairs and disturbed everyone anyway.

I spend the night at my mate’s apartment with takeaway pizza fapping over Jenna Marbles..

OH, and I also witnessed a dude in the bathroom decide to turn around from the urinal PRIOR to actually putting his penis away. 

Yep. That was my day. 


I have to go to work. After work = Canon Launch Party. woo.

Hopefully I’ll get myself a new camera. 


I propose this:

50% of the population of university are the BMW driving 21 year old children of rich ethnic families who are only in university because their rich parents can afford to buy them a place. 


I realised how lonely I am, really.